To qualify for a scholarship to SOFE’s Career Development Seminar (CDS), the applicant must be an insurance regulator Applicants must be a member of SOFE in good standing. Evidence that your employer will not pay the CDS registration fees must be provided, see Supervisor’s Verification section in the document below. Scholarships are granted for the cost of CDS registration fees only. Travel and hotel expenses are the responsibility of the applicant. Should there be more applicants than can be accommodated based on scholarship funding, prioritization will be given by the Scholarship Committee to: SOFE membership status, SOFE designations held, and first time attendee status. All scholarship notifications will be sent simultaneously on or by May 15, 2017. Applicants are required to wait for notice on the results of the scholarship application before registering for the conference. Those approved for scholarships must register for the conference by June 23, 2017, or forfeit the scholarship. APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY May 5, 2017.

TO SUBMIT APPLICATION: Scan the completed individual application and name the file with the applicant’s last name. Do not include more than one application in the same scan file. Email the application with “Scholarship” in the subject line to [email protected] . Each applicant is to email his or her own application. Applications are due by May 5, 2017, and in electronic format only. Do not mail or fax.

Scholarship Application Forms

PDF Format