5th QIAGEN International Investigator Forum

About the Forum:

The Investigator Forum offers a unique opportunity for those in the forensic community to come together and engage in international knowledge sharing and global relationship building. This year we have selected the overarching theme of the Forum to be “The Power of Insight”. Throughout the Forum, we will hear why QIAGEN is committed to providing the forensic community with incredible insights worldwide and how those insights improve the lives of millions of people every day.

Our agenda will cover new and emerging technologies to engage you in topics about furthering the direction of forensic DNA analysis as well as universal NGS applications in forensics covering STR’s, SNP and mitochondrial DNA analysis. Quality continues to be the corner stone of QIAGEN’s philosophy so naturally it will be emphasized during our event. Our validation and quality standards session will provide updates on topics from external speakers, as well as key updates from QIAGEN, including insights into the latest forensic grade standard, ISO 18385.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Bruce McCord from Florida International University
  • Krzysztof Kucharczyk from BioVectis
  • Eberth Castañón from Chihuahua State Forensic DNA Laboratory in Juarez
  • Peter Schneider from Institute of Legal Medicine at the University Hospital of Cologne, Germany
  • Joe Pasternak from the Montana Department of Justice

Who should attend:

Forensic scientist thought leaders and innovators from across the globe who wish to share their research and casework experiences and discuss their thoughts on the future directions of forensic DNA analysis

Why should you attend:

The Forum offers a unique environment to see the latest data from experts in the field using new and existing methodologies, to expose you to insights gained from emerging technologies, and provides an opportunity to have more informal conversations with colleagues from different countries. By providing several hands-on full day workshop options, we offer guests an exclusive option to learn from others in the field and to experience the newest developments from within QIAGEN.